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GotG: Baby Groot by CraftCandies
GotG: Baby Groot
Here's something I've been working since the movie: Guardians of the Galaxy came out (which is quite a long ago).

I've been working on and off making Baby Groot, and here he is finally completed.
The weather hasn't been too fabulous in NZ, but I did finally go out and take some pictures of him today.

Baby Groot himself measures approximately 10-11cm in height, and 6cm from arm to arm.
With the pot, he measures a total of 16-17cm in height.

He's made from:
  • Wire
  • Aluminium foil
  • Super Sculpey
  • Acrylic paint


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this submission !!
I've got a whole bunch of ideas that I want to work on during my break, so I hope to post some more in the coming months :)

I've posted a "kind-of" tutorial of how I made him (kind of because I actually didn't bother taking too many pictures of my process)
on my blog, so if you're curious as to how Baby Groot was made, just clicked this [Link]

GotG: Baby Groot close up by CraftCandies
GotG: Baby Groot close up
Here is a close up of Baby Groot !

He has a slightlyyy nicer background in this image, so I thought I would upload it too.

Here is the first post and different angles of him: [Link]
Tutorial: [Link]

Baby Groot himself measures approximately 10-11cm in height, and 6cm from arm to arm.
With the pot, he measures a total of 16-17cm in height.

He's made from:
  • Wire
  • Aluminium foil
  • Super Sculpey
  • Acrylic paint

Thanks for viewing !

Polymer clay : [Big Hero 6] Baymax by CraftCandies
Polymer clay : [Big Hero 6] Baymax

This is just a simple bottle art I made with [Kelly] - who by the way has some pretty fab bottle charms :)
The goal was to aim for something Disney related so,

She made this adorable Alice in Wonderland themed white rabbit and the detail is pret-ty spot on.
As you know, these glass bottles are incredibly tiny, so that means our clay pieces always have to be able to be proportional to its' background, and also be able to fit into the "mouth" of the bottle.
Give her page a browse and you'll see the patience she puts into her creations :D

As for mine, I thought why not Disney's latest film ? And so here we are.
Baymax is approximately 1.3cm tall sitting in his own glass bottle.
Height of bottle is 4cm including the cork, and 2cm in diameter.

I thought the colours I used were pretty bland, so I wrapped some red twine around the neck of the bottle.
What do you think ? Mm.. maybe I should have used a small piece of ribbon.

Heh, enjoy

Valve : Portal Gun by CraftCandies
Valve : Portal Gun
Okay, so it's been forever since I posted... 
Pls forgive..

That and the quality of this image is terrible.
As usual, this was a gift, and since I rushed it to the last minute, I couldn't get a good picture of it.

If you do want to see the other angles, I JUST updated my blog, which probably has too much rambling in it, but just scroll until you start to see images.

Anyway, I'm on holiday and hope to craft a lot more than I have for the past year, so stayed tuned.


CraftCandies's Profile Picture
New Zealand
Hello Hello,
My name is Cynthia, located at the asshole of the earth that is "New Zealand".

I've been crafting for a couple of years now and hope to post some helpful tutorials for you :) Even though I may not comment on your page, I am grateful for every favourite, comment and watch ^^ so thank you !

I mainly use polymer clay and felt to make creations.
Also, please check out my site ! Everything will be posted there first before it gets here, so if you requested a tutorial, it will be uploaded there first. They will be in more detail so check often ;D

Instagram :


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CraftCandies Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015
Wooww Thank you :D
I'm glad my blog posts are somewhat helpful heh
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